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Lead Management in Abacus CRM

Lead Management in Abacus CRM tangibly tracks your sales process from the initial contact to the final sale. The leads are clearly recorded and supplemented with a processing status and other information, such as the sales opportunity.

Lead management is a crucial process for companies to efficiently identify, acquire and nurture potential customers. With Abacus Lead Management, you record and log all activities aimed at persuading a prospective or existing customer to make a purchase.

Responsibilities and status also visible in CRM

The lead information is not only visible in Lead Management, but also in CRM at the level of the contact person or organisation. This prevents interested parties from being contacted twice and authorised persons in the company can view the status of the lead transparently.

Filter and evaluation options

The leads can be sorted according to the assigned phase in the sales process or according to the planned closing date. With the Abacus Data Analyzer, you can visualise open and closed leads and measure the success of your sales activities.

Your benefits with dunning in accounts receivable accounting

The functions in multi-level dunning offer many advantages for collecting open customer documents:


The Abacus CRM serves as a central customer and address management system and is integrated into various Abacus applications.

High quality

Helpful functions such as access rights, duplicate control and usage purposes ensure high data quality.


The CRM can be accessed via the Abacus ERP, MyAbacus and AbaClik, depending on requirements and the purpose of further processing

Process overview Lead Management

Generate leads

Generate leads, e.g. through Abacus CRM newsletters

Capture lead

Capture lead and link to customer or project

Record activities

  • Record activities and lead progress
  • Create offer from Lead Management in Order Processing

Create analyses

  • Categorise into "won" or "lost" and close lead
  • Create analyses with Abacus Data Analyzer

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