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Abacus Liquidity Planning

Analyse and anticipate cash flows with Abacus Liquidity Planning.

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The intuitive accounting software

Abacus Financial Accounting is tried and tested, developed in Switzerland and used by thousands of companies and fiduciary companies of all sizes. Manual and duplicate data entry is a thing of the past: The financial software from Abacus provides support with clever and intuitive functions as well as with the connection of various Abacus modules and third-party systems via open REST interfaces.

Transparent planning with Abacus

Short and long-term financial planning is supported by the Budgeting, Financial Plan and Liquidity Planning options. The tools are based on data that is already maintained in the associated applications and supplementary manual entries. Liquidity Planning enables forward-looking planning of cash and cash equivalents. The other planning options, Budgeting and Financial Plan, form the integrated solution for creating a multi-year financial plan.

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Intuitive booking process

The booking process is intuitive and is automated through the use of artificial intelligence. Helpful assistants, such as the VAT accounting assistant, simplify bookkeeping and invoicing. As an integral component, Cost Accounting offers you industry-specific solutions for meaningful management accounting.

Meaningful management and reporting tools

Cost accounting, as well as financial and iquidity planning, are important analytical management tools for every company. The Abacus financial software enables the detailed analysis and comparison of plan data with actual values and displays these in the standard analyses. The Abacus Data Analyzer supports the visualisation and individualisation of evaluations with graphical elements. 

Advantages and highlights at a glance

Planning, booking and reporting are the central elements of Abacus Financial Accounting. Integrated functions allow the software to be customised according to the size and structure of the company. All highlights at a glance:



  • Detailed analyses, variance analysis, balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement
  • Standard analyses
  • Graphical representation of financial values with Abacus Data Analyser
  • Individual design options and visualisation in MyAbacus
  • Digital signing of the annual financial statement with DeepSign

Modular additional functions for optimised processes

Integrated tools support you in planning and monitoring your finances. Integrated Electronic Banking also enables streamlined processes for handling your financial transactions. Get to know the possibilities:

Financial and Liquidity Planning

The Abacus Financial Plan is the integrated solution for creating a multi-year financial plan - including various budget scenarios.
Liquidity Planning enables forward-looking planning and targeted management of cash and cash equivalents.

Both tools are based on data that is already maintained in the associated applications, as well as additional manual entries. There is no need for time-consuming merging of data from different files or documents.

Electronic Banking integrated into accounting

Optimised and secure payment transactions with Abacus Electronic Banking. Abacus E-Banking is integrated into the accounting software and supports you in the smooth processing of your financial transactions with a wide range of banking institutions. The use of shared master and transaction data in E-Banking and the other Abacus applications ensures a high degree of automation is achieved.

Cost Accounting

As an integral part of financial accounting, Cost Accounting offers you industry-specific solutions for internal control of cost centres and cost units. Abacus Cost Accounting is an important analytical management tool for every company. Several self-balancing units can be managed in one client and posted to across all clients. The clearing and consolidation functions round off the accounting software's capabilities.

Financial Accounting as part of the comprehensive solution

Abacus Financial Accounting is the Swiss standard for accounting. Together with Abacus Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable and the multi-bank capable Electronic Banking, the financial software forms an integrated overall solution with end-to-end processes that supports every company with secure, efficient and intuitive handling of financial processes.


Accounts Receivable

The software for efficient Accounts Receivable Management


Accounts Payable

The software for automated Accounts Payable processes


Electronic Banking

The software for Swiss payment transactions

Abacus Financial Accounting in practice

Find out first-hand in our success stories why our customers rely on Abacus, how they use our products and technologies in their day-to-day work and what added value they derive from them.

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