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Cultivate your customer relationship based on their needs and create real added value so that your customers can concentrate on their core business.

At Abacus you get everything you need not only for your company, but all Abacus products can be made available to your customers. Choose the solutions that meet your needs and those of your customers. As a fiduciary, you are the place where everything comes together.

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DeepBox is the secure Swiss all-in-one document sharing platform.

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DeepBox - the digital sharing platform

Simplify your document communication with a single transaction workflow. No more letters and links, just one place to store your documents. The omnichannel web and mobile version of DeepBox allows you to upload and share your documents with just a few clicks. With various feeding apps such as client, smartphone app, browser and print-to-DeepBox, you benefit from secure data exchange between you and your clients.

DeepBox upgrades fiduciary companies

Better advice and proximity to your clients thanks to real-time data: Your data is processed in real time, hosted in Switzerland and end-to-end encrypted. This is the new smart workplace for every fiduciary company, both small and large. Over 100 fiduciary companies are already using the new DeepBox technology with their clients. Get started with the smart sharing platform and simplify your everyday fiduciary processes.

Digital networking
Digital, secure, and efficient document exchange with your customers

Autonomous accounting
Automatic and streamlined processing of documents, connection to Abacus G/L / A/R / A/P

Intelligent filing system
Structuring and management of all document types

This is how it looks in practice

Less than a year after the introduction of DeepBox, the sharing platform is already in use at almost 150 trust companies. The following videos show how both parties have benefited from the use of DeepBox.

More information about DeepBox under: www.deepbox.swiss

View of the fiduciary company

Convicta Treuhand AG is a digital pioneer and already uses DeepBox with various clients. Watch the video to see how they use DeepBox efficiently in their day-to-day fiduciary work.

View of the client

In the success story learn more about how the rescue service Seetal uses DeepBox in everyday life and thus saves repetitive and administrative work.

We grow with you

The Abacus fiduciary solutions are cloud-based and allow a well-protected and easy-to-use collaboration between you as a fiduciary company and your clients.

Create your own toolbox

You decide which modules you need to handle your internal processes.

Optimum customer benefit

Maximum security

Flexibility through modular design