CRMThe integrated and individual CRM system

Successfully managing customer relationships

With the help of the CRM software from Abacus, all relevant customer and address data is managed centrally and is available in the Abacus applications. The CRM system supports reliable relationship management and ensures high data quality with extensive functions. 

Seamless integration into the Abacus applications

The Abacus CRM serves as the central hub for building, maintaining and growing your customer base. All customer and address data is maintained centrally and is available in various applications. Duplicate checks, the assignment of a purpose to an address, a clear history and the definition of input authorisations ensure high data quality.

Lead Management

With Lead Management in Abacus CRM, the sales process can be mapped from the initial contact to the closing of the sale. The leads are clearly documented, provided with a processing status and the person who is responsible, and enriched with further information such as the sales opportunity.

Activity Management

Activity Management allows you to manage your customer relationship activities. Log activities directly in the customer overview and send letters, emails and appointments directly from the CRM. Individual processes can also be mapped to activities via the Business Process Engine.

Campaign Management

Campaign Management offers an important marketing tool in the form of the CRM newsletter. The entire process, from acquiring newsletter subscribers and managing recipient lists to designing the newsletter with customisable templates and sending it out, takes place centrally in Abacus CRM. The serial letters and serial emails also offer you the opportunity to get in touch with your customers.

One data source with various output options

Abacus CRM is the central customer and address management system to which the other Abacus applications have access. Depending on the intended use or employee requirements, the data can be obtained via the Abacus ERP, MyAbacus or AbaClik.

Your benefits with Abacus CRM

With Abacus CRM software, you can manage your customer relationships in one central location and make them available to other Abacus applications. The Software also offers you the following advantages:


The Abacus CRM serves as a central customer and address management system and is integrated into various Abacus applications.

High quality

Helpful functions such as access rights, duplicate control and usage purposes ensure high data quality.


The CRM can be accessed via the Abacus ERP, MyAbacus and AbaClik, depending on requirements and the purpose of further processing

CRM at a glance

Marketing, sales, service, and management form the central components of Abacus CRM. All functions and integrations at a glance below:


Sales & Service

  • Relationship management with customer segmentation
  • Customer history
  • Offer management
  • Sales prospects
  • Marketing strategy
  • E-Dossier


  • Management Info Cockpit
  • Automatic management summary reports
  • Dashboard for mobile queries
  • Individual data analysis
  • Controlling and Reporting


  • Abacus ERP
  • MyAbacus
  • AbaClik
  • Google Maps
  • Exchange with Outlook


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