The Abacus Partner ProgramWorking together for success

Benefit from many years of experience

Abacus Research AG concentrates on the development of business software with the highest customer value and innovative power. To ensure the best possible implementation and customer support, a network of experienced and highly qualified Abacus partners is available. This concentration on the respective core competencies guarantees the user of Abacus software the maximum benefit.

Our Partner Structure

All our partners are established specialists with a proven track record in practical applications, who are carefully examined and selected by Abacus Research AG. We are of course in constant communication with all our partner companies and thus maintain proximity to the market and to our customers.

The Abacus partner structure is organized as follows:

Abacus Partner

Every company that is verified by Abacus and certified as a «Classic Partner» fulfils basic quality criteria of a cooperative partnership.

Particularly experienced and profitable partner companies are also awarded the status of «Abacus Gold Partner», «Abacus Silver Partner» or «Abacus Bronze Partner».

Abacus Solution Expert

Companies, which have demonstrated a particularly high level of specialist and industry knowledge in specific subject areas, are certified by Abacus as "Abacus Solution Expert" in the respective area. They have proven experience in implementing solutions that meet the needs of their customers.

Currently, this certification is available for Abacus Time Recording and will be successively extended to other products.

Abacus Cloud Partner

Partner companies, which have extensive know-how in the area of the subscription solutions «AbaWeb», are awarded the status «Abacus Cloud Partner» after successful verification.

Abacus Education Partner

The courses offered by our «Education Partner» are aimed at students from commercial vocational schools, business high schools, private commercial schools and universities of applied sciences. The Abacus Education Partners offer courses in several Abacus programs such as Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Payroll. After successful completion, all participants receive an Abacus certificate.

The decisive role

«Our sales partners play a very decisive role when it comes to the introduction of Abacus Business Software to users. They explain to users how to optimally use all functions and processes. Even the best software is useless if the users are not able to make the most of the advantages it offers.»


Claudio Hintermann
CEO, Abacus Research AG

Become an Abacus Partner

A broad product portfolio, proven industry solutions, attractive partner programs and well-known Swiss companies as reference customers - this is what you can expect as an Abacus partner company.

Contact us and find out more about the possibilities that a partnership with Abacus can offer you. Become part of the Abacus partner family.