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Create and send newsletters in Abacus CRM

The CRM newsletter offers you an important and user-friendly tool for your e-mail marketing. The entire process, from acquiring newsletter subscribers and managing recipient lists to designing the newsletter with customisable templates and sending it out, takes place centrally in Abacus CRM. 

Using the fields and elements provided from the Abacus ERP, you can create a newsletter template with just a few clicks that can be customised according to your company's corporate design. The newsletter can be sent immediately from the CRM or scheduled for a later date. 

Attract subscribers and maintain recipient lists 

Several recipient lists for different newsletters can be maintained in the CRM. These can be accessed centrally - enabling you to keep track of your newsletter subscribers and coordinate your email marketing activities in a clear and organised manner. Gain new newsletter subscribers using the registration form provided, which can be integrated into the website. Alternatively, individual contacts or entire contact lists can be added manually. 

Double opt-in and double opt-out

Double opt-in or double opt-out means that the owner of an email address must agree twice in order to subscribe to or unsubscribe from a newsletter. This prevents the email address owner from subscribing or unsubscribing inadvertently or due to a lack of knowledge. The CRM newsletter supports both proce-dures and provides corresponding templates and processes.

DeepBox requirement

Communication between the Abacus CRM and the newsletter recipient takes place via the DeepBox. The DeepBox enables communication between Abacus software and newsletter recipients. This requires an Advanced Box from DeepBox. 

Your benefits with Abacus CRM Newsletter

The CRM newsletter is an important element of customer relationship management and offers you many advantages:


Recipient lists can be retrieved centrally in the CRM. This avoids duplicate data maintenance.


The elements available for creating the newsletter can be customised and the dispatch is logged for each user.


Predefined processes for subscribing and unsubscribing users support the automated processes.

Process overview CRM newsletter registration

Newsletter registration

  • Newsletter registration by the customer
  • Distribute the information automatically to the Abacus CRM
  • Enter the customer in the recipient list with the status "Pending registration"

Send double opt-in consent

Send the double opt-in consent from Abacus CRM to the customer

Confirmation by customer

Confirmation of the double opt-in consent by the customer

Enter in recipient list

  • Status in recipient list changes from "Pending registration" to "Registered"
  • The customer is immediately included in the newsletter mailing list

What does subscribe mean?

Subscribing means that an email address is added to a list of recipients. The owner of the email address agrees to receive the newsletter. This is usually done via a registration form on the website.

What does unsubscribe mean?

Unsubscribing is the process of cancelling your subscription to a newsletter and no longer receiving it. The unsubscribe link is often found at the end of the newsletter. The option to unsubscribe from the newsletter is required by law.

What does double opt-in mean?

The double opt-in procedure is used to confirm the newsletter registration by the owner of the email ad-dress. This prevents an email address from being registered without the owner's consent or knowledge.

What does double opt-out mean?

The double opt-out procedure is used to confirm the newsletter cancellation by the owner of the email address. This ensures that the email address is deliberately and not accidentally removed from the mail-ing list.

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