E-BusinessThe software for elec­tro­nic document exchange

Automated exchange of business documents

Abacus E-Business guarantees you a media-consistent and highly automated data exchange with your business partners - around the clock, seven days a week.

Digitise processes with your customers and suppliers with Abacus E-Business and benefit from the connection to common networks for e-documents. Send and receive electronic documents (EDI) including e-invoices. Exchange data electronically with your business partners and process it automatically - without paper. An optional add-on is WebTicketing, which allows you can enter your error messages online at any time and trigger a service order.

With the help of the Order Processing software module, e-invoices / eBills are automatically delivered to your business and private customers and archived in accordance with the law. The receipt of e-invoices is completely automated. Incoming e-invoices are automatically imported into the accounts payable software and sent to the inbox of the person responsible for approval. Account assignment rules and the assignment of the person responsible for approval are considered.

Sell your products on the internet with the AbaShop E-Commerce solution.
 It is seamlessly integrated into the Order Processing module. Changes made in Order Processing are then automatically registered in AbaShop.

Your benefits

The Software guarantees you a highly automated data exchange with your business partners. Abacus E-Business  also offers you the following advantages:

Possibility to enhance Order Processing with a fully integrated WebShop and to use WebTicketing.

Time and cost-saving
Save time and costs through the automatic booking of documents.

All e-documents are automatically stored in the Abacus E-Dossier in an audit-compliant manner.

E-Business at a glance

EDI, e-invoice receipt and dispatch and the Webshop build the central elements or the Abacus solution for E-Business and E-Commerce. All functions at a glance are below:

Dispatch e-invoice / eBill

  • Send B2C via eBill to all Swiss banks and PostFinance
  • Send B2B via PostFinance, Swisscom Conextrade
  • Send via E-Mail with PDF and integrated ZUGFeRD
  • Automatic digital signature
  • Filing in e-dossier

Receipt e-invoice

  • Receipt via PostFinance, Swisscom Conextrade
  • Receipt via e-mail with PDF as attachment
  • Automatic creation of Accounts Payable document
  • Automatic account assignment and release process
  • Digital signature
  • Filing in e-dossier
  • Full-text search
  • Integration ZUGFeRD


  • E-business portal
  • Exchange of any e-documents (ORDERS, DESADV, INVOICE etc.) with customers and suppliers (B2B)
  • Connection to e-business networks Swisscom Conextrade, Descartes, PENTAG, etc.
  • Supports Swiss retail processes

Health services

  • Billing of services to payers, trust centres, insurers or patients
  • Patient copy and reclaim voucher
  • Available network partners: MediData, Swisscom Health


customers have chosen Abacus E-Business


users work with Abacus E-Business daily

6.5 million

E-documents are processed annually via E-Business

Frequently asked questions about E-Business software

Who is the Abacus E-Business software suitable for?

Abacus E-Business is ideal for companies that want to optimise their document exchange in the B2C or B2B sector. Whether you are just starting out with automation or want to improve existing processes, Abacus E-Business offers you and your team a solution that reduces your workload.

What advantages does Abacus E-Business offer?

  • Automated processes reduce manual intervention and speed up transactions.
  • Less administrative effort.
  • Automation reduces human error during data entry.
  • Faster and more precise transactions facilitate co-operation with business partners.
  • Digital processes reduce paper consumption.
  • Secure transmission of sensitive business data.
  • Complete integration into your Abacus ERP.

With which networks does Abacus E-Business enable the electronic exchange of documents?

  • Swisscom Conextrade
  • Descartes
  • Medidata

The which file formats are supported?

  • AbaDoc
  • eBill
  • PDF/A*
  • QR-Rechnung
  • Factur-X / ZUGFeRD
  • X-Rechnung
  • Yellowbill
  • Conextrade ETS
  • FoDa XML 4.5 (MediData, Swisscom Health) 
  • openTrans

What are healthcare services?

This area includes networks that are responsible for the secure and efficient exchange of medical and administrative data. Abacus E-Business offers the following services:

  • Invoicing 
  • Patient copy
  • Minimal Clinical Dataset

How does onboarding work?

  1. Apply for a ZSR number (optional) from SASIS.
  2. Apply for a GLN (GlobalLocationNumber) from GS1. 
  3. If you do not yet have active E-Business access, you must apply for this. The necessary documents can be requested from your sales partner. 
  4. Our Customer Service checks the application and forwards it to the relevant network partner. 
  5. The system is configured by your sales partner.  

Which network partners does Abacus offer?

  • MediData
  • SwisscomHealth

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