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The future begins here and now

Sustainability – understood as the focus on long-term solutions – has always been an integral part of the Abacus corporate philosophy. Ever since the software company was founded in 1985, its has been both future-oriented and consistent. The focus has always been on people, whether as employees, partners, or customers.

Sustainability Report 2024

The Sustainability Report shows how social, economic and ecological sustainability is actively practised at Abacus and what the company is contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Social sustainability

Our work is based on respectful interaction with each other and meeting as equals. This applies both to cooperation within the company and to cooperation with external stakeholders. Other core values are responsibility, service first, teamwork and fun. We believe, after all, that if you like what you do, you do it well – and that ultimately benefits everyone. Strengthening social values is an essential part of corporate culture and enjoys top priority. In addition, Abacus is distinguished by equal pay. 

Unique corporate culture

Various offers such as team events, various sports activities, tournaments initiated by employees, wine tastings and an in-house rock band make the team spirit tangible in everyday life. The large number of long-term employees and top placements in rankings such as «Switzerland's best employers» are proof that the exceptional corporate culture also has a lasting effect.

Lifelong learning

«Performance through freedom» is the credo of Abacus. The company promotes flexible working models and offers employees the opportunity to do part of their work independently of time and/or location. Since 2018, lateral entrants have been trained as junior software developers at the Abacus Academy. In addition, Abacus trains four apprentices per year, with this number increasing to seven from 2023.

Equal pay for equal work:
analyses show no systematic wage inequality between female and male employees

45% fewer sick and accident days than the industry average

20% of employees have been with the company for at least 10 years

Best employer

In the annual ranking as "Best Employer in Switzerland 2023" by the Handelszeitung, PME and Statista, Abacus reached 4th place in the industry rating in 2023.

Economic sustainability

At Abacus, we pursue the goal of developing not only innovative, but also relevant products. Ultimately, we want our business software to support companies in their own digital transformation. Thanks to these technical solutions, free time should be created – time that our customers can use for human interactions with, in turn, their clientele.

Seven locations, three language regions

«Swiss made software» is not just a slogan. There really is a lot of Switzerland in our products. At seven locations, spread over three language regions of Switzerland, our employees contribute daily with their individual know-how to ensure that the Abacus software is constantly optimised and remains relevant.

Lean processes

Our own processes are also characterised by long-term thinking. We are constantly striving to combine the best of yesterday with the opportunities of tomorrow and to keep internal processes as lean as possible. The fact that this orientation also pays off financially is evident not least from an economic point of view. Abacus has recorded double-digit growth several times in recent years.

60,000 satisfied companies1,200 specialists in the partner network

Swiss made software since 1985

Double-digit turnover growth 7x in a row

Ecological sustainability

In 2017, a heat pump and a geothermal probe were installed in the new building at the Wittenbach site for ecological reasons. In addition, a large-scale photovoltaic system will be added in 2023, so that part of the company's own electricity consumption will be covered by electricity produced in-house in the future.

Reduction of energy consumption

In 2022, various measures were taken to reduce electricity consumption: these include lowering the heating temperature, reducing outdoor lighting, and implementing energy-efficient appliances and lighting. To promote electromobility at the headquarters in Wittenbach, a total of 16 e-charging stations have also been installed, and numerous energy-efficient cars are already in use as company cars. And thanks to a partial subsidy of public transport, employees are encouraged to use public transport when commuting to work. Abacus Wittenbach even has its own stop directly in front of the building and Abacus Biel is located right next to the main railway station.

Avoiding food waste

Healthy and freshly prepared meals have always been important to Abacus. For this reason, the in-house restaurants Al Covo and Segreto pay attention to regional products, seasonal menus, and a mindful approach to food when catering for employees. When buying vegetables, fruit and eggs, local farmers from the surrounding area are considered. Herbs and berries are even harvested from our own garden. To avoid food waste as much as possible, employees register for lunch in advance via a digital process.

40,000 kWh of electricity will be produced in future via photovoltaic systems

16 charging stations for electric cars are installed at the headquarters

Around 250 employees sign up digitally for lunch every day, helping to avoid food waste

Sustainability Report 2024

The Sustainability Report shows how social, economic and ecological sustainability is actively practised at Abacus and what the company is contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).