Time RecordingThe software for work time recording, absence management and personnel resource planning

What's behind the Abacus Time Recording?

The Abacus Time Recording system is designed so that it can be adapted to your specific needs. Different input devices are available, all of which are networked with each other. This combination offers high flexibility and guarantees legally compliant time recording independent of location. The use of the personnel planning system further massively reduces time expenditure for all parties.


fewer duplicate entries


fewer administrative expenses


fewer data entry errors

Instruments of Abacus Time Recording

Choose how you want to work. The following devices are available.


App for expenses, absences, time recording and more

Collect, share, change or request expenses, working hours, absences, services, travel expenses or employee data.

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iPad terminal for time recording

Enter work times simply and efficiently with AbaClock. The solution tailored to the needs of SMEs.

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App for on-site time recording

Do you want to manage areas or objects automatically or optimise time recording? AbaPoint is an innovative and simple solution for you!

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Employee portal

The free Dashboard for all Abacus users: Key figures, histograms, geo-reports - with MyAbacus you can access data from the ERP software in real-time.


Portal for integrated personnel resource planning

Would you like to make your personnel resource planning more efficient and are looking for an easy-to-use tool? Abacus offers you the right solution with AbaPlan.

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