Archiving and ScanningThe software for digital storage of business documents

Certified, legally compliant and integrated archiving

Store all business documents seamlessly in digital dossiers and archives in accordance with the requirements of legally compliant archiving.

Abacus Business Software also offers an integrated Archiving and Scanning solution. A document text is automatically indexed during scanning. This allows you to find it in no time via a keyword search. Authenticity, completeness and origin of the documents are verified with electronic signatures.

The scanning function is integrated in Abacus Software. Imported documents are automatically booked and linked with the original entry. With the helpful drill-down function, reports are used to trace entries back to the original document. The original documents are always available for the multi-level release process.

Abacus Archiving has been audited by a renowned auditing company in accordance with the relevant provisions of tax law (VAT) regarding the scanning and archiving of documents and the Federal Ordinance on the Preservation of Corporate Books (OPCB).

Your benefits

The Software offers you the possibility to store all business documents in digital dossiers and archives, according to the requirements of legally compliant archiving. Abacus Archiving and Scanning also offers you the following advantages:

No interfaces - full integration into Abacus ERP.

Space and cost-saving
Save space and costs - no physical archive necessary.

High level of transparency - all evaluations are available with original documents.

Archiving and Scanning at a glance

Scanning, documents, dossiers, archiving and additional functions are the core components of the Abacus solution for Archiving and Scanning. All functions at a glance are below:


  • Digitise paper invoices
  • Recognition / extraction of information such as VAT, industry, account assignment
  • Complete integration in the entry process

Documents and Dossiers

  • Application dossiers for business transactions and master data
  • Central document storage
  • Document compression & secure storage
  • Comprehensive full text search
  • EasySignature (Time stamp)


  • Legally compliant filing and storage
  • Original documents as inserts in evaluations
  • Protocolling accesses and archiving processes
  • Outsourcing and adjustment wizards

Additional functions

  • External file in data system
  • AbaConnect for central document interface
  • DMS-Connector for storage of documents in external DMS
  • Control function document integrity


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The Abacus Business Software has been audited by a well-known auditing company in accordance with the Swiss Auditing Standard 870 "Auditing of Software Products".

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