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As an innovative energy provider, Abacus offers you modern software to enable you to meet all market and regulatory requirements today and in the future.

All modules of Abacus are 100% developed in Switzerland and guarantee the highest quality. After more than 20 years of continuous optimisation, the AbaEnergy solution covers all functional and legal requirements of modern energy providers. AbaEnergy is used both by smaller energy providers with a few hundred meters as well as by larger energy providers with up to 100,000 meters.

Abacus offers additional modules in the areas of document archiving, electronic banking, e-business, maintenance and repair management, stock management, real estate management, checkout systems etc.

With the integrated Abacus Cost Accounting, it is possible to map business areas such as electricity, gas, water, telecom, heating, construction and installation services, energy services and real estate as well as organizational structures with divisions and departments. The legal requirements of StromVG, including the separation of the accounting for the distribution grid area from the other activities of the energy provider, can be elegantly met with the special division functions.

Since 1996, together with the St. Gallen partner company innosolv, Abacus has been continually developing the leading integrated solution Abacus/is-e energy providers.

Abacus und innosolv – the perfect match

Abacus and the St.Gallen software company innosolv have been working closely together since 1996 and offer energy suppliers THE complete solution for efficient processes. The extensive interface is continuously being developed and covers the following areas, among others:

Service objects

The master data of the service objects, e.g. transformer stations, are managed in innosolv and created and maintained via the interface in Abacus. The maintenance cycle of the service objects is managed in Abacus Service Management.

Address Management

Personal and address data can be entered, deleted or changed in Abacus and innosolv. The data is synchronised bidirectionally, is subject to a duplicate check and is always up to date in both systems.

A/R documents

Invoices are sent to end customers directly from innosolv. Payments or any reminders are processed in Abacus. Information on receipts, payments and reminders is available in both Abacus and innosolv.

A/P documents

The procedure for the settlement of a credit note (e.g. energy fed in from a photovoltaic system) is automated with direct payment to the end customer. The document information is available in both Abacus and innosolv.

Energy providers at a glance

Finance and e-business, HR, administration and maintenance are the central elements of the Abacus industry solution for energy providers. All functions at a glance are below:

Finance and E-Business

  • Cost accounting pursuant to EICom
  • Business areas as a basis EICom
  • Creditors with electronic document entry
  • Document release portal Accounts receivable
  • Reminder charges
  • Assets accounting pursuant to EICom
  • Electronic Banking
  • E-business for e-invoice/connection to suppliers
  • Integrated Archiving



  • Project Management
  • Service entry
  • Asset and customer projects including budgeting
  • Stock management
  • Stock


  • Mobile registration of maintenance orders
  • Integrated checklists with signatures
  • Regular maintenance by cycle and meter
  • Object management
  • Internal settlement and invoicing to third parties


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2 million

meters are in use by Abacus customers

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