Aba­Fidu­ciaryThe software for fiduciaries

Digital fiduciary

Abacus provides you with the ideal tool for your everyday work, equipping you optimally for the advancing digitalisation in the fiduciary industry. The software offers fiduciary companies everything from a single source - with seamless integration and without interfaces.

With AbaFiduciary you work closely with your clients and therefore always choose the optimal solution. Actively structure the cooperation with the online portal for small businesses, the fiduciary subscription, or your own installation for SMEs.

AbaFiduciary was developed in close cooperation with fiduciaries. The software combines the advantages of the time-tested Abacus accounting software with modern, digital developments.

All data is managed centrally in Abacus software at the fiduciary company, while at the same time allowing you to develop your service portfolio in a targeted manner. 

From start-ups to established SMEs - our established solutions create new potential and reduce the administrative workload for your customers.

Cultivate your customer relationship based on their needs and create real added value so that your customers can concentrate on their core business.

Your benefits

Work hand in hand with your customers and always find the best solution. All functions at a glance below.

Multi-client-capable, integrated comprehensive solution with different collaborative models.

The software is expandable to grow with your company.

One-time data entry means all data is always up-to-date, available in real time and visible in reports.

Fiduciary at a glance

The fiduciary ERP, AbaWeb, the pre-entry (Cloud/Mobile) and innovation form the central components of AbaFiducuary. All functions at a glance are below:

Fiduciary ERF

  • Multi-client-capable, integrated comprehensive solution with different collaborative models
  • The software is expandable to grow with your company
  • Finance
  • Payroll
  • Time Recording
  • Reporting and invoicing


  • Cloud access to your software
  • Monthly scalable costs for the client
  • Flexible subscription solution
  • No physical data exchange
  • All customers on the same version
  • Secure login via 2-phase authentication

Mobile Solutions

  • Pre-entry via smartphone
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Approval process
  • Document entry, service entry, time recording



Swiss21 Ecosystem

  • Invoicing
  • Customer administration
  • Supplier invoices
  • Accounting




trustee clients have confidence in software from Abacus


AbaWeb subscriptions enable the use of Abacus Software from the Cloud


cloud users are enthusiastic about Abacus software

Industry Partnerships

Abacus relies on long-standing and established partnerships. We are constantly engaged in a dialogue with the most important institutions in the fiduciary industry so that we can build the future together. It is important to us to respond to the specific needs of the market players and to incorporate these needs into our solutions. The following partnerships are actively fostered and maintained.