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Abacus is an owner-managed Swiss software company. The company has been successfully developing business management ERP software for over 35 years - in the areas of finance, human resources, administration and sales, and production and services, among others. 

Abacus was founded in 1985 by three University of St. Gallen graduates who are currently still active in the company. Abacus is now the largest and most successful independent Swiss provider of business software for SMEs. The primary goal of the software company is still to develop relevant solutions for its customers. The company's unique corporate culture, which focuses on people and their individual strengths, is one of the main reasons for its success. The Abacus Research AG headquarters is located in Wittenbach, St.Gallen. Further offices are located in Biel, Thalwil, Lugano, Winterthur, Geneva, St. Gallen/St.Fiden as well as in Munich, Hamburg and Stuttgart.

Abacus Research AG, Wittenbach

Since its founding, Abacus has focused on development to ensure that its customers receive the ideal software solution with the greatest benefits. A network of qualified sales partners ensures that customers receive the best possible support and implementation. The Abacus Research AG headquarters is located in Wittenbach, St.Gallen.

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Abacus Research AG

In addition to the headquarters in Wittenbach, Abacus Research AG has further branches in St.Gallen/St.Fiden, Winterthur, Biel, Lugano and Geneva. Biel is the competence center for Western Switzerland and Lugano for Italian-speaking Switzerland. Abacus Research AG employs around 520 people.

Abacus Research AG
Abacus-Platz 1
9300 Wittenbach

Abacus Research AG
Marktgasse 45
8400 Winterthur

Abacus Research AG
Via al chioso 8
6900 Lugano

Abacus Research SA
Place de la Gare 2C
2501 Biel

Abacus Research SA
Avenue de la Gare-des-Eaux-Vives 11
1207 Genève

Abacus Services

Abacus Services SA in Biel and Abacus Business Solutions AG in Thalwil are subsidiaries of Abacus Research AG. They support customers in the implementation of the applications AbaBuild, AbaRealEstate and AbaFiduciary.


Abacus Business Solutions AG
Zürcherstrasse 59
8800 Thalwil

Abacus Services SA
Place de la Gare 2d
2502 Biel

Abacus Germany

In 2009, the first international branch was established in Munich and six years later a further office was opened in Hamburg. In 2020, Abacus HR Services GmbH, based in Waiblingen near Stuttgart, was finally born out of the former Gelbing Datensysteme GmbH.

Abacus Business Solutions GmbH
Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße 6
Tower 1 – 10. OG
80807 Munich, Germany

Abacus Business Solutions GmbH
Querbühne Altona
Harkortstraße 79e
22765 Hamburg, Germany

Abacus HR Services GmbH
Maybachstraße 6
71332 Waiblingen, Germany

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