AbaCareThe software for homes and social institutions

Home management always under control

AbaCare offers you an integrated overall solution for the collection, management and settlement of client data, and for staff scheduling.

With AbaCare you can efficiently enter and manage all master data for each client. Different types of resident activities, such as admission, room change or hospitalisation, are stored digitally in a transparent manner for each client and serve as the basis for the monthly calculation of resident charges. The services provided per client are automatically identified and generated for invoicing - all integrated in one system.

Each client can be invoiced directly from the client master or via the central accounting programme by means of collective or individual invoicing runs for a certain period. The standard interface „MediData“ is officially supported by Abacus.

The input interface is available for the use of upstream systems. This enables the import of data to the clients from third-party systems, such as Tarmed or eMed, as well as the import from proprietary systems, such as the kiosk cash register. Using standardised and customisable evaluations, you can access the most important reports in real time at any time.

The SOMED interface for the areas of clients, personnel and finances is part of AbaCare and is a full component of the integrated solution. Needs assessment systems such as BESA and RAISoft are also supported as a standard feature. Other systems can be connected at any time via Web-Service or XML.

Your benefits with AbaCare

The integrated all-in-one solution for client management, invoicing, personnel management, and financial management. The industry solution also offers you the following advantages:

Current and mobile
Mobile service entry and electronic invoicing without media discontinuity

Time recording and staff scheduling are fully integrated in AbaCare

Fully integrated MediData and SOMED interfaces

Industry solution AbaCare at a glance

Client management, invoicing, evaluation and personnel management are the core elements of the Abacus industry solution for homes and social institutions. All functions at a glance below:


  • Client master data with contact addresses –
  • Client services
  • Care levels
  • Dispositions / CAG control
  • Services
  • Service entry on mobile devices
  • Material
  • Interfaces from upstream systems


  • Client Services and material
  • Recharging to insurance companies and third parties
  • Electronic invoicing
  • Interfaces to relevant third-party systems
  • Integrtation of MediData


  • Dashboard for clients
  • Client reports
  • Birthday lists
  • Waiting lists
  • Doctor and insurance lists
  • Statistics on age structures, days of care and days of retirement
  • Invoiced services, care, and assistance
  • Form letters

Personnel management


subscriptions and options


companies successfully using AbaCare

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