DigitalisationDigitalise your business with AbacusDeep

Digital transformation in Swiss companies

Digitalisation, in combination with technical know-how and education, is a key factor influencing a company's competitiveness. The use of smart and innovative technologies leads to efficiency gains, strategic advantages and cost reductions.

Automated business processes with AbacusDeep

Since 1985, Abacus has stood for innovation and "Swiss Made". AbacusDeep, the fifth software generation from Abacus, offers a secure and digital ERP platform with the goal of paperless and autonomous accounting. The Abacus ERP system is moving further in the direction of Autonomous Live Accounting (ALA). This means that accounting processes are only carried out digitally and the information is immediately available to customers. AbacusDeep relies on products from DeepCloud AG, a subsidiary of Abacus Research AG. The products are based on cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning.

The Deep product portfolio at a glance

DeepBox serves as a central interface for the connection between Abacus and other systems. Through the use of artificial intelligence, the smart filing system recognises, classifies, and archives different types of documents. DeepBox enables the sharing, processing, and analysis of documents - with the highest level of security.

DeepBox is the gateway to other Deep technologies such as digital signature, digital identification, or intelligent data recognition with DeepO.

Automated document recognition supported by artificial intelligence

DeepO - scan, recognise and structure

Shorter turnaround times and digital processes - with automatic document recognition you save time and money. DeepO, the industry's leading intelligent document recognition, scans documents, recognises the relevant information and transfers it into Abacus in a structured format.

Document Recognition

Automatically process and post receipts

Thanks to intelligent document recognition, customer and supplier documents can be posted easily and efficiently in the Abacus software. The documents are automatically processed in Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable or Financial Accounting, booking proposals are created and new master data is entered.

Analyse and record expense receipts

Expense receipts can also be quickly analysed with DeepO and all relevant document information extracted. Different VAT rates are correctly recognised and assigned. With DeepO, enter expenses with just one click.

Entering and processing orders

Orders are verified in DeepBox with DeepO and relevant data such as customer address, items and products are recognised. The order, including the original document, appears directly in Abacus Order Processing for further processing.

Sign digitally and save time

DeepSign - digital signing

Signing documents is part of the day-to-day operations of any business. In a fast-paced business environment and a mobility-driven workplace, the digital signature process increases efficiency and responsiveness. DeepSign covers the three main types of electronic signatures recognised in Switzerland and the EU: the simple (EES), the advanced (FES) and the qualified signature (QES). Signatures created with DeepSign are certified and legally valid.

Signing employment contracts, references, or hourly reports

Employees can digitally sign documents easily, flexibly, and legally. The documents are automatically filed in the appropriate employee file.

Sign rental agreements digitally and efficiently

In AbaRealEstate, rental agreements can be digitally signed and automatically archived on any device quickly and securely, significantly reducing time and costs.

DeepSign makes many other processes efficient, eliminates unnecessary waiting times and archives the documents. Contact our experts to learn more.


Exchange financial data and reports securely

DeepV - visualise, share, and analyse

Sending financial data and other confidential documents by email is a risky and outdated method. With DeepV, data is shared dynamically and securely on a private cloud platform directly from the Abacus software. Information can be viewed together via a link with the highest level of security, controlled and commented on using a chat function.

Digital identity solution

DeepID - digital identification

Certain cases or transactions require proof of identity, which can lead to the interruption of the digital process. The digital identity solution DeepID manages the entire identification and verification process, analogous to the account opening process of the neobanks. With this technology, natural persons can be identified, and also any company that is entered in the Swiss commercial register. This guarantees that the persons in question are authorised to sign.