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Automated Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is a central component of the finance department. With the Abacus Accounts Payable software, liabilities from deliveries and services can be managed transparently and the use of funds can be planned proactively. Processes can be automated through the use of artificial intelligence.

Simplified document and supplier entry

Technologies based on artificial intelligence are used to simplify and automate work processes in Accounts Payable. This applies both to the entry of creditor documents and to the recording of newly recognised suppliers. With DeepBox, you can save the contact data in the master data after the duplicate check. 

Digital document release in MyAbacus

Creditor documents are released via the document release option. The document release is obtained digitally using an individually defined workflow and can be carried out from any location via MyAbacus. Users with authorisation to release can approve, reject or forward documents.

Advantages and highlights of Accounts Payable

Document entry, document release and payment are the central elements of Abacus Accounts Payable. All functions at a glance below:

Document entry

Document release

Document release

  • Release of documents with one click via MyAbacus
  • Customisable and dynamic release processes


  • Secure payment with integrated electronic banking and automated transfer proposals
  • Prepare and send payment file
  • Payment formats: pain.001, SEPA, AZV
  • Administration of financial resource

Modular additional functions for optimised processes

Payment processing directly in Abacus or transparent evaluations per business division? Get to know the useful functions of the Accounts Payable software:

Payment via integrated electronic banking

Abacus Accounts Payable makes optimum use of the payment periods and discount dates agreed and processes the payment directly via the integrated electronic banking and the desired company payment centre in the corresponding currency.

Evaluation per supplier or business division

It is possible to create and evaluate a list of open items per supplier or business division retrospectively to any date or to the current status. The evaluation can be displayed in a customisable layout.

Accounts Payable as part of the comprehensive solution

Abacus Accounts Payable provides seamless and automated financial processes. Abacus Financial Accounting, Accounts Payable and Electronic Banking together form an integrated overall solution with end-to-end processes.


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Electronic Banking

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Abacus Financial Accounting in practice

Find out first-hand in our success stories why our customers rely on Abacus, how they use our products and technologies in their day-to-day work and what added value they derive from them.

"DeepO has significantly improved our invoicing processes."

Transport AG Aarau is optimising its accounts payable process and relying on DeepCloud's DeepO artificial intelligence. Read in the interview…

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We would be happy to advise you individually on our software solutions. Please fill out our contact form.

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