CRMThe integrated and individual CRM system

Manage customer relationships

The CRM software from Abacus allows you to access all relevant data on your customer relationships from one central location, so that no important information is lost.

Your employees and also your customers benefit from this information platform. The CRM software supports reliable relationship management and ensures a solid basis of trust.

All address and customer data entered in the CRM can be used without interfaces by other Abacus applications because of the seamless integration into the Abacus ERP. All related work processes are completed with a minimum of input effort, saving you valuable time.

All authorised persons or divisions have access to the individually expandable Abacus CRM database. Thanks to the CRM portal with full text search, individual selection lists and filter options, finding customer data is simple. High data quality is ensured by access and input rights. In addition, access protection can be activated at the division level, so that only those addresses that belong to the released division are visible.

All address data can be kept on a time axis. For example, you can enter future changes to addresses or contact persons in advance for any date. When the date is reached, the change is made automatically.

Your benefits

The Abacus CRM software allows you to access all relevant data about your customer relationships from one central location, so that no important information is lost. The Software also offers you the following advantages:

All companies or divisions use the same CRM database - individual and integrated.

CRM processes are structured and uniformly applied.

The integration into the ERP guarantees high data quality and information.

CRM at a glance

Marketing, sales, service, management, and integration form the central components of Abacus CRM. All functions at a glance are below:


  • CRM portal
  • Lead management
  • Campaign management
  • Activity management
  • Event planning
  • E-mail marketing
  • Duplicate control

Sales & Service

  • Relationship management
  • Customer history
  • Offer management
  • Sales prospects
  • Marketing strategy
  • E-Dossier


  • Management Info Cockpit
  • Automatic management summary reports
  • Dashboard for mobile queries
  • Individual data analysis
  • Controlling/Reporting


  • Abacus ERP
  • MyAbacus
  • Google Maps
  • Exchange with Outlook
  • Telephone services
  • Web-Services, XML


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