Liquidity PlanningAnalyse and anticipate cash flows


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Effective management of liquid assets

Abacus Liquidity Planning enables forward-looking planning and targeted management of cash and cash equivalents. Tedious compilation of individual information becomes a thing of the past.

The central goal of the treasury is to ensure liquidity. Abacus Liquidity Planning is designed intuitively thanks to the direct integration into Abacus Deep and the dashboards, which are based on the Abacus Data Analyzer ADA. Cash flow development is analysed – from the past to the present and into the future. Trends and needs for action are identified at an early stage.

Via the connected electronic banking system, historical cash balances and inflows and outflows can be viewed both graphically and in figures. For the near future, the data from accounts payable and accounts receivable are available with the payment history of the individual customers and payment deadlines. Wage payments and special cash flows, such as extraordinary amortisations and investments, can be recorded in a clear table or imported via an interface. A reliable forecast of liquidity can thus be made at short notice. Included is a detailed loan/credit management.

Comprehensive analysis and automatic data preparation

The analysis can display the liquidity and credit limits at the level of the company, financial institution and bank account at different levels and can even zoom down to the individual transaction. Thanks to the automatic data preparation with the Business Process Engine, you can be sure that the evaluation basis is regularly updated.

Your benefits with Abacus Liquidity Planning

The software offers you solutions for the targeted management of liquid assets. You also benefit from the following advantages:

Thanks to the user-friendly design, the required training is kept to a minimum resulting in the shortest possible implementation time.

Payment behaviour is considered: from cash and liquidity management to credit and loan management to anticipation of customer payments.

A dashboard with a graphical overview is available for a quick view of the data

Aperçu de la planification des liquidités

Les domaines partiels suivants du monde Abacus sont pris en compte dans l'analyse :

Electronic Banking

Current cash position

Accounts Receivable


Accounts Receivable

Incoming Payments

Payroll & Budget

manual entry via the free table

Credits & Loans

Extraordinary income and expenditure

Free entries

For extraordinary income and expenditure

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Liquidity Planning - Analyse and anticipate cash flows