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Intelligent document approval in Accounts Payable

The user-friendly release cockpit enables a centralised overview and efficient implementation of all necessary document releases in Accounts Payable. By creating dynamic workflows and integrating the organisational structure, the release process is simplified and accelerated.

User-friendly release cockpit

Open supplier documents are released centrally and digitally in the MyAbacus. All necessary releases can be viewed and carried out in the release cockpit. The location and status of a document is also clearly visible. If the supplier has sent an incorrect invoice, it can be rejected directly in the release process and returned to the supplier by e-mail with a note.

Workflows for dynamic processes

Defining workflows enables a dynamic and automated release process. This means, for example, that a release by the ordering party, the head of department and the financial administrator is required for amounts of CHF 10,000 or more, or that an invoice up to CHF 200 is released automatically. In addition, the technology DeepO  recognises project invoices and automatically assigns them to the person responsible for the project. The automatic evaluation and selection of the appropriate workflow further simplifies the process.

Simplified maintenance through integration of the organisational structure

Integrating information from the organisational structure stored in Abacus makes it possible to avoid redundancies and save valuable time. The release authorisation and substitution are defined via the organisational roles. This means that changes to the personnel structure are automatically reflected in the various workflows without the need for manual adjustments.

Your benefits with document release

Document release is a central component of Abacus Accounts Payable and is characterised by the following advantages:

Customisable workflows allow you to adapt the release process to your needs.


By integrating the organisational structure, changes to the personnel structure are automatically taken into account and manual adjustments are minimised.


The DeepO technology recognises the document information using artificial intelligence and thus supports the selection of the appropriate release  workflow.

Process overview document release

Document receipt via DeepBox

An Accounts Payable document is placed in the DeepBox and analysed with the help of DeepO artificial intelligence. 

Inclusion of the document in the release portal

Based on the analysed document information, the document is entered in Abacus Accounts Payable and included in the release portal. 

Processing based on defined workflows

The document runs through the release process based on the defined workflows.

Document release

Once all the necessary authorisations have been issued, the document is finally released and can be processed.

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