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AbaPlan - making sure the right employee is in the right place at the right time!

With AbaPlan you can create work schedules for your employees easily and efficiently. Schedule your employees easily and flexibly for shifts or duties and enter holidays or absences.

Thanks to user-friendly handling, planning is a breeze. Personnel resources are managed efficiently, and an overview is guaranteed at all times. Legal guidelines regarding overtime, break regulations or rest periods are automatically observed. Provide your employees with the work schedule online using the MyAbacus employee portal or print it out.

Full integration

Employee master data only needs to be entered once and is then available for AbaPlan, Time Recording, and Payroll/HR software.

Automatic cost distribution

If employees within a group of companies work for several companies, cross-divisional entries are automatically created and posted to financial accounting and cost accounting.

Your benefits with AbaPlan

With AbaPlan you benefit from efficient personnel resource planning with integrated processes - always keep an overview of available personnel resources. Hierarchical access rights according to the organisational structure also ensure security.  AbaPlan also offers you other advantages:

Error avoidance through labour law validation also for planning data (e.g., accidentally planned overtime, break regulations, L-GAV).

Weekly or monthly work overview for supervisors and employees to check times and correct in case of errors or deviations

Access to work schedules via MyAbacus or the AbaClik app. Schedules per shift and service can be sent and printed out.

From master data entry to distribution of wages

Use master data from Abacus

The Abacus Business Software provides master data and organizational structure, services, and shift schedules.

Create a plan

Services can be assigned to employees simply and efficiently - conformity with the Labour Code and L-GAV are automatically validated.

Inform employees

All service schedules can be viewed in the MyAbacus employee portal or can be sent or printed out. 

Enter time worked

Working times can be easily recorded using AbaClock (time clock with badge system), AbaPoint, AbaClik (Smartphone App), MyAbacus (employee portal) or in the ERP.

Validate working times

Work overview for day, week, and month with notes on deductions & L-GAV compliance. The work report for signature by the employee is available as standard.

Make payments

Payments are made directly through Abacus Payroll for salaried employees on a monthly or hourly basis, based on the time recording.

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