Time RecordingIntegrated entry of working time, absences, expenses and more

Time Recording that creates added value

Abacus offers several possibilities for your employees to record, correct or, if required, assign working hours, breaks and overtime (accounts, cost centres, projects) simply and easily at the workplace, via smartphone or time stamp clock.

Mandatory work breaks can be deducted automatically based on individual break regulations. GAV or company-specific requirements for bonuses, night work, etc. are modelled directly in the software.  Access rights to data can also be individually defined. Supervisors and the HR department have access to the data and can control working hours and absences and correct them directly, if necessary.

Personnel planning including work shifts and emergency services can also be planned and the service schedule sent to the employees. This ensures that personnel resources are managed efficiently and an overview is maintained at all times. Automatic labour law validations support safe planning, as overtime and breaks are calculated according to the law.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, in addition to recording working time, employees can also be sent push notifications with individual processes to their smartphones, which they must confirm in order to initiate the process, such as for maintenance work.

The integrated system enables Abacus to transfer reported hours, expenses and travel costs directly to payroll.


Your benefits

Save time and money - no multiple entries, no interfaces

Time and location-independent recording of working time, expenses, absences and more

Working time, flexitime and overtime are available in real time

Time Recording at a glance

The central process steps in Abacus Time Recording are planning, entry, calculation, evaluation and processing. Further details can be found in the following overview.


  • Personnel planning
  • Shift/Service plans
  • Absence management
  • Daily and weekly working time models by canton


  • Arrival/leaving time
  • Expenses/Travel costs
  • Holiday/Absences
  • Multi-level: Release/Approval
  • Different entry variants possible


  • Break regulations
  • Overtime and absences
  • Supplements for night, holiday and weekend work
  • SECO and GAV compliant


  • Attendance statistics
  • Work times and holiday plans
  • Absence statistics
  • Data available in dashboard and on smartphone in real time


  • Working hours and expenses in Payroll/Project Management
  • Holiday applications in Inbox for approval
  • Absences in Inbox for confirmation


in and out times are recorded per month using AbaClock


users record their working hours while on the go

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