Product sets in Order ProcessingPurchase and sale of product combinations

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Sales / Purchase set

A product set consists of a parts list with an unlimited number of articles and services. These sets, which are predefined in the product master data, can be adapted and changed individually per customer or supplier order when they are entered.

Product sets are predefined in the product master data and, in addition to the actual information about the product set, also contain a single-level parts list consisting of articles, services and their quantities.

Determination of stock entry as well as price and discount calculation

The set definitions determine how the stock will be entered and the specifications for pricing and discounting. Optionally, the stock entry and the price and discount determination can be saved directly on the product set or for each individual sub-item in the set.

Enter one item, display the complete set in the order

A product set is treated as a single article when entering an order. When the article is saved, the entire set is automatically included in the order.

Areas of application

In contrast to building groups or parts lists in Production Planning and Control (PPS), product sets are not normally produced. The sub-items and services are the individual, single item parts breakdown after transfer to an order. Product sets are always used when a product consisting of individual items or components is be bought or sold. For example, an office furniture combination may consist of a desk, an office chair, a filing cabinet and a waste paper basket. However, the set definition can also include a basic variant of a product set, which is adapted per order as required.

Your benefits with Abacus Product Sets

The software offers you solutions to simplify sales and purchase order entry. In addition, the Product Sets offer the following advantages:

Easy handling of single-level parts lists in the customer or supplier order.

Price and discount determination can be made on the individual item or on the main set.

Customisable "product", which can be compiled from various individual articles and services.

From entry in the master data all the way to inclusion in the order

Entry in the master data

Definition and entry of the product set in the product master data.

Use product set in order/purchase

During entry, the product set is inserted into the order using only one article number. The contents of the set are then automatically incorporated.

Editing the product set

The set items can be easily edited in the order. Afterwards, the next item can be entered.

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