AbaWebBusiness Software from the Cloud.

How does AbaWeb work?

AbaWeb is the cloud-based software from Abacus that simplifies and optimises the collaboration between your company and your AbaWeb provider (e.g. fiduciary or distribution partner company). With AbaWeb, various Abacus software modules are available as subscriptions and can be individually combined with each other - according to your needs.

AbaWeb users can optimise their business processes by accessing a robust set of modules that cover everything from financial accounting to invoicing and payroll. AbaWeb's intuitive user interface and extensive customisation options ensure that every company - regardless of its size or sector - receives a solution that meets its specific requirements.

Discover the power of AbaWeb without obligation and completely free of charge.


Advantages & Highlights

All Abacus modules are accessible without an interface since they are fully integrated into the ERP. For every need there is a suitable solution from the Abacus modular expandable software palette.

Scalable costs
The software is purchased as a service (SaaS). This means no direct costs for IT infrastructure. The usage costs can be precisely calculated.

Current data
All data is always up-to-date and available in real time, wherever you are.

High level of security
The collaboration between fiduciary and company is flexible and secure. Regular updates ensure that your working environment is always maintained at the required safety levels.

The proven & flexible subscription solution for AbaWeb

The choice is yours

  • AbaWeb subscriptions offer exactly the key information needed to make decisions.
  • With AbaWeb, you are not required to pay for the entire package, but subscribe only to those Abacus Business Software modules that are important to you.
  • And as a start-up you can even work with our AbaNinja software for free.
  • As soon as your needs increase, we recommend AbaWeb.
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Streamlined, digital, efficient

  • Company executives are looking for lean, powerful solutions that adapt to their business. Your customised AbaWeb subscriptions give you everything you need to manage and control your SME.
  • You decide what is necessary. And if you are unsure, simply ask your AbaWeb provider for an individual consultation.
  • Choose Abacus, the market leader for business software in Switzerland.

AbaWeb in practice

In the fast lane: Thanks to AbaWeb, Aurovis AG can fully focus on its core business.