Direct communication instead of lots of paper

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Communication between fiduciary clients and fiduciary companies should not be limited to the submission of documents. An intelligent filing system with automatic recognition can ensure that there is more time for something other than routine work.

An important but sometimes exhausting task of a fiduciary company is the correct control, filing and accounting of the receipts that the fiduciary client traditionally submits in all possible ways, right down to the almost proverbial shoebox full of paper. But dealing with electronic documents also requires a standardised approach and well-structured filing so that the expected efficiency gains actually become reality.


With this in mind, DeepCloud, a subsidiary of Abacus Research AG, set about developing DeepBox: an intelligent filing system that automatically recognises and stores documents such as accounts receivable and accounts payable invoices as well as any documents for financial accounting, including the information they contain. DeepBox communicates with peripheral systems such as Abacus ERP or 21.AbaNinja for an equally automatic booking. If a client wishes to entrust the fiduciary company with the payment management, it can link the DeepBox receipts to the bank transaction via Abacus Electronic Banking and then post them in the financial accounting system.


DeepBox thus enables uncomplicated digital networking between fiduciary clients and fiduciary companies: Clients simply submit their receipts via the DeepBox client application, the DeepBox app with scan function or via web browser. Of course, this is done securely with end-to-end encryption and legally compliant data storage in Switzerland. DeepBox analyses the documents with the help of artificial intelligence, recognises all relevant details such as the type of document, invoice date, addresses and individual items and can, for example, cleanly separate the individual documents from a PDF with several invoices - all fully automated and with a high level of accuracy.


Further processes can be flexibly designed according to the needs of the fiduciary client. The fiduciary company can assign the receipts to accounts and send the fiduciary client an open item list or a comprehensive account statement including embedded receipts at the desired interval. And all this is not sent by e-mail, but directly, quickly and securely via the DeepBox, which is set up individually for each client.

DeepBox: The added value

  • Efficiency gains through automated document processing
  • Insecure communication channel e-mail becomes superfluous
  • Document exchange between fiduciary companies, fiduciary clients, bank advisors, etc.
  • Real-time exchange: closer to the client, always up to date
  • Optional extension with DeepSign for legally compliant signing