"DeepO has significantly improved our invoicing processes."

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Transport AG Aarau is optimising its accounts payable process and relying on DeepCloud's DeepO artificial intelligence. Read in the interview with Dominik Stahel, Head of Finance and Accounting at Transport AG Aarau, how efficiency is increased in day-to-day work.

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Dominik Stahel, how does the accounts payable process work at Transport AG Aarau?

Dominik Stahel: The supplier invoices are saved in the central DeepBox invoice inbox. They are then analysed by DeepO using the predefined proposals and automatically entered as a document in Accounts Payable. In a few cases, we add a few details manually in the DeepBox. The document then goes through the approval process and is paid via Abacus E-Banking.

What do you value most about this process?

DS: DeepBox is an advanced solution for the automated processing of supplier invoices that is seamlessly integrated into our Abacus system. This technology enables us to efficiently record, check, book, and archive invoices. We benefit enormously from integrated artificial intelligence. It leads to considerable time and cost savings and improves the quality, transparency, and traceability of our processes. We now have a centralized invoice intake and know at all times where the receipts are and where they are going.

What did the process look like before the introduction of DeepBox?

DS: Before the introduction of DeepBox, invoice processing was a manual and paper-intensive process that was prone to errors. Automation with DeepBox and digitalisation have revolutionised this process.

How many documents do you process per year?

DS: We process an estimated 2,000 fully automated invoice documents per year and a further 600 semi-automated documents. However, the effort required for invoices that still require manual intervention is very low. These figures are approximate, as we are still in the first year of use. However, we still have even greater potential for full automation. We are constantly working on this internally.

In which activities do you see the greatest increase in efficiency?

DS: The introduction of DeepBox has led to faster and more precise invoice processing and simplified access to invoice data. This has led to a significant reduction in the amount of work involved in the entire process. Abacus also simplifies the filing, archiving, and searching of documents. We see the greatest relief in the improved consistency and traceability of the process.

How do you use the time you have gained?

DS: The time gained will be used to further optimise our services and to promote existing and new expertise.

The introduction of DeepBox has led to a significant reduction in the amount of work involved in the entire process.

Dominik Stahel, Head of Finance and Accounting at Transport AG Aarau

Do you recommend Abacus and DeepO artificial intelligence to other companies?

DS: We recommend Abacus and DeepO without reservation. The software has significantly improved our invoicing processes, in particular through the ability to customise the booking rules. The application is well received internally due to its ease of use and user-friendliness.

Which Abacus projects are currently running or will be launched this year?

DS: There is a lot in motion! We want to introduce the Abacus Data Analyser soon. I would like to be able to analyse the accounting figures interactively and thus report them internally with greater transparency. We also want to rely on Abacus in the HR area. We want to introduce the employee portal, accident, and sickness reports and AbaClik. We are also setting up an organisational structure that will simplify the document release process. I'm really looking forward to these projects.

What three words would you use to describe Abacus Business Software and the collaboration with us?

DS: Innovative. Fast. Simple.

About Transport AG Aarau

Transport AG Aarau is a waste disposal provider for companies and municipalities. The core task is the collection, acceptance, inspection, and sorting of waste. Employees ensure that recyclable materials remain in the cycle and that non-recyclable materials are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

About Dominik Stahel

Dominik Stahel has been Head of Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, IT and Back Office at Transport AG Aarau since January 2023. As part of the management team, he appreciates the opportunity to lead and realise various projects in an innovative and collegial SME.


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