AbaPlatoThe software for fiduciary companies

AbaPlato - centralised and customised

Efficient client management and process-orientated activity control with AbaPlato

Industry-specific functions and integrated processes

AbaPlato is an advanced software solution designed specifically for the requirements of fiduciary companies. From the centralised management of all activities, including deadlines and tasks, which are essential for professional client support, to the entry of services with invoicing. With industry-specific functions and integrated processes, AbaPlato provides a solid basis for effective client management.

AbaPlato provides a centralised overview and control of all relevant processes and deadlines, which ensures timely processing and adherence to deadlines. With AbaPlato, fiduciary companies can optimise their business processes and reduce administrative activities to the essentials.

Simple and efficient use

An exceptional feature of AbaPlato is the ability to trigger activities individually according to the client. Specific activities and processes can be customised and initiated according to the needs of each individual client. This personalisation leads to greater customer satisfaction and optimises the use of resources, as each action is assigned directly to the respective client.

Whether on-site or from the cloud, AbaPlato offers a flexible and intuitive user interface that is both simple and efficient to use. The software helps fiduciary companies to manage their client base effectively, record and invoice services accurately and maximise the added value of their services.

AbaPlato creates added value

Workflows and processes can be customised and administrative tasks reduced to a minimum:


  • Client assignment
  • Monitor process status
  • Tasks, deadline and deadline management
  • Define workflows and checklists

Client management

  • Digital customer dossier
  • Electronic document exchange
  • Activity management with Outlook connection
  • Mobile service & expense recording


  • Simple & flexible invoicing
  • Flat-rate expenses
  • Digital invoice dispatch (eBill)
  • Seamless posting to the financials

Client controlling  

  • Smooth exchange of information
  • Digital signatures with DeepSign
  • Comprehensive data analysis
  • Share data interactively with DeepV

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