Virtual Abacus Forum with new record number of participants

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Over 500 people participated in the virtual Abacus Forum on E-invoices.

On Wednesday, June 9, 2021 Abacus Research AG held a virtual forum on the topic of E-invoices and reached a new record number of participants. 500 persons participated and experienced the efficient Abacus Software live.

Fross Real Estate Management AG and the Business and Management School (WKS) provided exclusive and in-depth insights into the practical application. Employees from the both Abacus users provided concrete examples to show how they receive and process e-invoices via various channels such as AbaNet or e-mail, or how they converted from ESR to QR invoices.

Meinrad Egger, Head of Business Unit Commerce & Production bei Abacus, presented in the second half the upcoming highlights of the E-Business / E-Commerce software.
 There was also plenty of opportunity for direct exchange: In breakout rooms, the participants took the opportunity to talk to the speakers and ask them questions.

Abacus raffled off an Apple Watch among all participants after the forum. Congratulations to the lucky winner.

Many thanks to all participants and partners for their commitment. We look forward to seeing you at other Abacus Forums in 2021.

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