Are you ready for the QR-invoice?

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The new QR-invoice will replace the existing inpayment slip in mid 2020. The QR bill will replace both, the conventional orange and the red inpayment slips. What will change for you as biller and bill recipient? What do you need to bear in mind when converting to the QR bill? A brief summary of the most important aspects of the "new inpayment slip".

The red and orange inpayment slip will be replaced on 30 June 2020 by the new payment format called "QR-invoice ". The new modernized inpayment slip offers various improvements in digital processing. The QR-code is marked with a Swiss cross and contains, on the one hand, the details for paying the bill and, on the other hand, additional information that facilitates digital processing in accounting.

What are the new features for the biller?  
In addition to the payment information, there may be other data such as the bill recipient's invoice number or VAT number. This additional information simplifies document entry. The so-called Swiss QR-Code also offers an interesting option for associations and clubs to collect donations by displaying the code on posters and flyers. The QR-invoice can be produced with a standard printer, as the payment slip is only displayed in black and white.

What changes does the QR-invoice cause for the bill recipients?
Manual entry or completion is no longer necessary. All information required for payment is contained in the QR-code and printed on the QR payment slip. The payment information is therefore also readable without technical aids.

From when may the QR-invoice be used?
The new inpayment slips may be used from 1 July 2020 at the earliest. During the transition period, parallel use of the current red and orange inpayment slips and the QR bill will be possible.

What do you have to consider as an Abacus user?
With Abacus you are well prepared for the upcoming changes. The creation and processing of the QR-Invoice will be possible for the different versions through a service pack (see timetable Abacus). Talk to your sales partner in time, so that he can support you.

Timetable Abacus
Abacus is currently working on an extension of the ERP to be able to support the new functions on time. To enable all customers to process payment slips in the accounts payable department, the new function will be available from version 2018. Since both inpayment slips are in circulation during the transition phase and the inpayment slips do not have to be created on the key date, printing is delivered with the new version 2020.

The functions are planned for the following dates:

Reading the QR invoices (credit side)

  • from version 2018 SP November 2019
  • from version 2019 SP September 2019
  • from version 2020 Release February 2020

Printing the QR invoices (debit side)

  • from version 2020 Release February 2020

To be able to process invoices with a QR payment slip in the Abacus ERP from mid 2020, you need at least one of the above versions under "Reading the QR-invoice (accounts payable side)". If you have installed an older version or an older service pack, it is neither possible to enter the new payment slips with QR-code manually nor to process them automatically and to transfer to the new QR-IBAN to suppliers. In this case, the payment must be entered manually in e-banking or a request must be made to the supplier for the normal IBAN-number.

Preparations are also already underway at 21.AbaNinja so that you will be able to create the new QR-invoice from July 1, 2020 and import it via the recognition service. The new version will be automatically made available to all users at the appropriate time.

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