26. Abacus Partner Conference

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The 26th Abacus Partner Conference took place on November 10 and 12, 2020. 700 virtual participants were enthusiastic about the innovations presented.

At the centre of the many innovations presented was the development of DeepBox - a digital mailbox in the cloud. DeepBox has the potential to become a disruptive development, as it completely redefines the way documents are exchanged and processed with each other.

Functions of DeepBox

  • DeepBox has a unique physical address based on Google "Plus Codes".
  • Documents are recognized via AI (Artificial Intelligence), classified and automatically filed in the corresponding standard folders of DeepBox.
  • DeepBox and the Abacus archive and dossiers are automatically linked.
  • Documents in a DeepBox can be shared (e.g. with a fiduciary), sent, automatically processed and integrated into existing software, for example into financial accounting.
  • Integration in Abacus Business Software or Swiss21 - for instance, master data such as accounts, cost centres, projects or even suppliers can be transferred to the DeepBox so that documents can be booked automatically.
  • Connections can also be made to other software solutions via "Special Boxes" (rest API interfaces).
  • Integration with the neo-bank Yapeal for the payment of expenses using AbaClik 3.

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New features AbaClik

  • Entry of supplier invoices and recording in accounts payable
  • Definition of own tags for the individual recording of documents
  • Integration of Cornèrcard private customers
  • Integration of Yapeal Card and app for the payment of invoices and expenses via private account and recording via AbaClik in Abacus Software
  • Direct payment of expenses and receipts to employees who have been paid via Yapeal Card

New Features AbaPoint

  • Reports of damage to service companies, e.g. cleaners
  • Retrieval of checklists for service work on site
  • Identification of objects using selection lists, barcodes, NFC tags and beacons
  • NFC tags for the automatic triggering of processes (time recording, order entry, etc.) linked to checklists

Key Innovations

  • Financial plan with integration into budgeting, investment planning, asset and payroll
  • Crypto currencies
  • Liquidity planning

Application Innovations 2021


  • Automation of the VAT settlement: Assistant and automatic entry of input and sales tax, VAT for ESTV online processing
  • Consecutive entries for automatic recording of recurring business transactions, e.g. monthly license fees
  • Up to four supplementary journals are possible for different presentations of the balance sheet and income statement, e.g. for special financial accountings, balance sheets for tax purposes or also accruals
  • Direct booking of low-value assets from finances into Asset Accounting
  • Dual-control principle for the controlled recording of new suppliers and supplier payments
  • Creditor standing orders for recurring invoices, e.g. rental contracts

Project Management

  • Simplify the processing of invoice proposals, e.g. edit or remove items directly from the proposal, change rates, enter new items, etc.
  • Create assets from the project base

Service and Contract Management

  • New, integrated ticketing system for processing support problems in MyAbacus, integrated in the whole Abacus ERP, especially Project Management
  • Open master data transfer at client
  • Mobile order entry in AbaSmart 2

Human Resources

  • Tools for grouping different jobs and editing master data on a higher level or new selection criteria for reports
  • Wage rounds for a structured budgeting process
  • Skills management


  • Withholding tax changes as of 1.1.2021 for all cantons
  • Integration of ELM 5.0 per September 2021
  • Enter expense documents in financial accounting

Time Recording

  • AbaPlan with service exchange
  • Planning of 6 services per day
  • Planning contrary to labour law

Order Processing

  • Standard evaluations based on Abacus Data Analyzer
  • Extended Stock Management
  • Integration PepperShopCheckout


  • Structured addresses
  • Lead management

Archiving and Scanning

  • New document viewer


  • Automatic participation in eBill and AbaNetWebAccess
  • Receive QR invoice per e-mail and automatically process
  • Recharging of AbaWeb subscriptions
  • Onepage-Shop
  • AbaShop: 2-Factor Authentication


  • Extended Stock Management
  • Data warehouse table for capacities
  • Separation requisition / run time
  • Operating data entry (ODE): Start and end time per work item
  • Activity management (digital 8D report)


  • AbaBuild for electricians
  • AbaBau and BIM (BuildingInformationModeling) in cooperation with ALLPAN BIMPLUS


  • Activities, e.g. reminders, control of fixed-term contracts, task lists
  • Recharging of reminder charges for HCIC settlement
  • Expansion of apartment handover protocol