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Direct communication instead of lots of paper

Communication between fiduciary clients and fiduciary companies should not be limited to the submission of documents. An intelligent filing…

Experience the Abacus Ticketing solution live

Since the beginning of the year, a ticketing system for a wide range of industries has supplemented the Abacus product range and has already been…

Experience the expense management of the future

Abacus Research AG held a forum on the topic of "Expense management" for the second time this year. At the virtual event on September 8, 2021,…

Successful continuation of the virtual Abacus Forum Time Recording

Abacus Research AG held a forum on the topic of "Time Recording" for the second time this year. This seamlessly followed up on the success of the…

Another successful virtual Abacus Forum on Project

On Wednesday, Wednesday, August 25, 2021 Abacus Research AG held a virtual forum on the topic of Project Management. 262 participants experienced…

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Time Recording

Time Recording

Modern working methods require flexible tools for entering services. Discover what experiences users of Abacus Time Recording have gained and what advantages it can offer you.

Automated accounting

To find out how a strategic partnership is working to automate accounting processes and bring about a revolution in accounting, visit the A.L.A. website.