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Transparency for fixed assets

In many companies today, assets worth millions are often still managed using makeshift solutions.

Meaningful information for auditors or third parties can only be obtained with considerable effort or inaccurately. The Abacus Assets Ledger provides a solution, which allows the changes in asset values to be clearly laid out overview.

The Abacus Assets Ledger establishes transparency about the values of the assets and presents them according to the requirements of the auditors. The values of the assets is presented according to the requirements of the financial accounting, cost accounting or international accounting standards such as Swiss GAAP FER / IFRS.

The customizable, additional information available on the asset base opens up the possibility of using the Asset Ledger as an information system in various departments far beyond the accounting aspects.

Asset acquisitions is entered directly in Accounts Payable. Depreciation and accrued interest are entered directly in the General Ledger, Cost Accounting and/or Project Management. This ensures that data is always up to date in all areas.

Your benefits

Flexible depreciation rules allow complex calculations for individual depreciation and interest

Audit-compliant presentation of asset values and depreciation in the assets analysis

All information and documents centrally accessible in the asset base and e-dossier

Assets Ledger at a glance

The central elements of the Abacus Assets Ledger are master data, transactions and reporting. Further details can be found in the following overview.

Master data

  • Entry groups for finance, cost accounting, taxes etc.
  • Asset categories
  • Calculation rules for depreciation, interest, leasing, etc.
  • Electronic dossier


  • Write-offs
  • Imputed interest rates
  • Additions
  • Sale
  • Leasing


  • Assets analysis
  • Assets analysis with hidden reserves
  • Asset history
  • Inventory
  • Budgeted depreciation


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