"Abacus Expense Management provides a huge relief."

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A dream team: Abacus Expense Management and Cornèrcard. Learn more about the innovative expense management solution in the interview with Götti Switzerland AG.

How did you hear about Abacus Expense Management?

Kerstin Vogt: A few years ago, we switched our company credit card provider to Cornèrcard and are very satisfied with the change. We have been using Abacus software at Götti Switzerland AG in other areas since 2014. When we first heard about the cooperation between Cornèrcard and Abacus in expense management, the case was clear for us. We have been using Abacus Expense Management with Cornèrcard for about five months now and I find it quite practical.

What advantages does Abacus Expense Management bring you in your everyday life?

KV: The time-saving aspect relating to administration is valuable. The solution also brings many advantages for the employees in the field: they can submit expense receipts from anywhere at anytime while on the road and not give it further thought. The time needed to prepare monthly credit card settlements is eliminated. Abacus Expense Management is a huge relief and we are no longer drowning in paper.

Who generates the most expenses in your company?

KV: Usually the employees working in sales or marketing.

What was your last expense?

Ivan Barbieri: I don't know - with Abacus and the expense reporting app AbaClik, I just directly submit my receipts and it's a done deal. Probably a parking ticket.

"We process between 2000 and 3000 expense documents annually."

How was expense management regulated before the use of Abacus?

KV: We used to collect all expense receipts in a folder and then cross-check them with the credit card statement. For receipts and transactions from Switzerland, this was still manageable. For receipts and transactions from abroad, it was quite timeconsuming, especially with the reconciliation of VAT. For a tax audit, all receipts have to be available - in some cases the receipts are already faded by then. With Abacus, I have all the receipts stored digitally in the system!

What was the implementation process like?

KV: The implementation was simple and straightforward. After the project approval, the Abacus Expense Management was set up by our sales partner Fidevision within two weeks.

Would you recommend Abacus Expense Management to others?

Vivian Zimmermann: Absolutely! I am glad that we are using Abacus Expense Management. It leaves me more time for other tasks.

What do Götti Switzerland AG and Abacus Expense Management have in common?

IB: They are both practical! The motto of our glasses is "Keep it simple", which applies equally to the expense app AbaClik.

KV: Innovative! Both Götti and Abacus stay on the cutting edge of our industries.


About Götti Switzerland AG

Since its foundation in 1998, Götti eyewear has stood for Swissness, innovative technologies and traditional craftsmanship with the highest quality. The eyewear models are designed in Switzerland under the direction of Sven Götti. From the first hand sketches and design ideas to marketing, production and worldwide distribution, most of the work takes place at the headquarters in Wädenswil. The glasses are manufactured in the company's own production facilities using a highquality 3D printing process.

About Kerstin Vogt

Kerstin Vogt has been working for Götti Switzerland for over 22 years and is a member of the management team. In her role, Kerstin Vogt is responsible for the areas of Administration Management, Human Resources and Accounting.

About Vivian Zimmermann

Vivian Zimmermann has been working at Götti Switzerland for seven years and is responsible for the accounts receivable and expense reports. She was instrumental in the implementation of the Abacus Expense Management.

Über Vivian Zimmermann

Vivian Zimmermann arbeitet seit sieben Jahren bei Götti Switzerland und ist zuständig für die Debitorenbuchhaltung und

für die Spesenabrechnungen. Sie war bei der Einführung des Abacus Spesenmanagements massgebend beteiligt.

About Ivan Barbieri

Ivan Barbieri has been responsible for the sales of the Dimension and Perspective collections at Götti Switzerland for six years. He also looks after the worldwide ateliers where the various eyewear models are assembled.