Abacus Debit CardThe card for everyday business expenses

Abacus Debit Card

The card for everyday business expense

Use the Abacus debit card for your everyday business expenditures. You benefit from the advantages of Abacus and YAPEAL - because the card is seamlessly integrated into both systems. No matter how big your team is - you manage the issuance and card limits yourself. Maintain an overview of the expenses incurred at all times via the associated app.

Quick and flexible

Set up your Abacus debit cards quickly and flexibly. Manage both physical and virtual cards digitally and without paperwork. Additional cards can be ordered in a matter of seconds.

Extremely simple card limit control

Set individual card limits for your employees or restrict certain types of spending, such as gambling. Adjust card limits, block, or cancel cards easily. 

Customised card schemes

Companies can set up individual card schemes. Debit card management can be more effectively and transparently structured within the company.

Prices & Conditions

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Your advantages with the Abacus debit card

The Abacus debit card is integrated into Abacus Expense Management and all other Abacus applications. You and your employees benefit from the following advantages:

No advance outlays

Expenses and corporate outlays are paid directly by the company. No advance from employees is necessary.

No private account

Employees do not need to open a private account for company expenses.

Simple administration

You can easily create and manage cards, limits, and persons.

Do you have questions? Here we have listed the most important FAQs for you:

What are examples for the use of the Abacus debit card within the company?

Card program for marketing 

A separate card programme for marketing means that you always have the costs for online advertisements such as Google ads under control. The booking of the receipts is automated in the financial accounting. 

Card program for projects

Separate card programmes also make sense for projects. The project budget can easily be transferred to the card program - if the requested budget is not sufficient, additional budget can be requested from the card program manager.

Card program for freelancers in the company

You can also provide freelancers with an Abacus debit card. This means that their expenses and outlays can be paid directly. The card can be blocked online if required. 

Card program for company events

Use a separate card program for company events. From the company owner to the members of the organising committee, everyone can work with the same card. Each card has its own IBAN number, so payments can also be made to the card or vendor invoices can be settled. Exceeding the event budget is virtually impossible. Once the event has taken place, the card program can be closed. 

How can I get the Abacus debit card?

A DeepBox account and a YAPEAL company account are required to use the Abacus debit card.

  • Learn how to open a DeepBox here.
  • Learn how to open a YAPEAL company account here.

Who can use an Abacus debit card?

All legal entities domiciled in Switzerland can order Abacus debit cards. The requirements for this are a DeepBox account and a YAPEAL company account.

Where can I get in touch for more information or a demo?

Set up a free consultation with your Abacus partner.