Production Planning & ControlThe planning software for manufacturing companies

Smooth and transparent production

For small and medium-sized companies in particular, flexibility has finally become a reality.

Rapid adaptation to new production processes is becoming the decisive competitive advantage. Orders from current production often have to be adapted to changed conditions, whether by additional parts list items or work processes. The Production Planning and Control PPS program actively supports this process by providing suitable tools.

Cost transparency must be guaranteed at all times and in every phase of the production process. Even during the offer/quote phase, it must be possible to compare different variants of the production process with each other.

With these calculative evaluations of production orders and projects, Abacus PPS provides important data for future strategic decisions.

PPS was developed as an integrated module in the Abacus software system especially for manufacturing and industrial companies. In this comprehensive solution there are no duplicate article/stock data records, key disposition figures and address information.

Your benefits

From production order to financial accounting - fully integrated comprehensive solution

Seamless traceability of batch and serial numbers

Cost transparency through rolling post-calculation of production orders

Production Planning and Control at a glance

The central elements of Abacus Production Planning and Control are production, master work plans, resource management and evaluations. Further details can be found in the following overview


  • Production order
  • Budget production order
  • Provisional production order
  • Collective production order
  • Graphic plan manager
  • Availability overview
  • Calculation comparison

Regular work plan

  • Variations per product
  • Scrap quantities
  • Material variant items
  • Material assignment production
  • Precalculation
  • Assembly explorer

Resource management

  • Resource Management
  • Resource cost rates
  • Resource calendar
  • Time schemes


  • Weekly plan
  • Goods in process
  • Net requirement determination
  • Utilisation overview
  • Pre and post calculation
  • Cost Accounting
  • Information Dashboard


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