Electronic BankingThe software for Swiss payment transactions

Carry out banking transactions securely and electronically

The central, easy-to-use software tool supports you in the smooth, secure and efficient processing of your financial transactions with a broad range of banking institutions.

Abacus Electronic Banking can execute payments for other Abacus programs or transfer data from third-party applications such as SAP to financial institutions. Electronic payment transactions via Abacus Electronic Banking are made using the latest technologies and security solutions. Integration in the Abacus programs Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll and General Ledger optimises your processing and saves time and money. The program can also be used as a stand-alone solution.

Electronic Banking supports all major Swiss financial institutions and, as a multi-bank-capable programme, can simultaneously serve several institutions with different interfaces with payment orders.

Authorized employees may release payments within defined limits. This can be a collective or a single release.

The setup wizard assists you in setting up new institutions and configuring the interfaces. Payment orders, confirmations and current account balances are processed and updated in one step. In addition, processing may be automated with the help of "Schedulers".

Your benefits

The central and easy-to-use software supports you in the smooth, secure processing of your financial transactions and optimises payment transactions. Abacus Electronic Banking also offers you the following advantages:

Efficient and secure transmission of payment orders to financial institutions from a central application.

Compliance with the internal audit guidelines for the release of payment orders.

Daily updated overview of the transactions and account balances of all cash accounts.

Electronic Banking at a glance

Incoming and outgoing payments and account management are the central components of the Abacus Electronic Banking application. All functions at a glance are below:

Incoming payments

  • Direct debit transactions
  • Debit Direct
  • ESR processing
  • Payment of customer credit


  • Pain.001 CH, DE, AT
  • SEPA = European payment transactions
  • AZV = Foreign payment transactions in Germany

Account management

  • Payment transactions
  • Bank statements according to ISO 20222 (Camt.052/053/054)
  • Confirmations (Pain.002)
  • Enter account translations


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