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Current information about QR invoices

The QR invoice has been on the market for a few weeks now and poses challenges for our customers, sales partners and us. Therefore we address the most frequently asked questions and problems with this news article.


Which Abacus versions support the QR invoice?

Reading the QR invoices (credit side)

  • from Version 2018 SP November 2019
  • from Version 2019 SP September 2019
  • from Version 2020 SP Release February 2020

Printing the QR invoices (debit side)

  • from Version 2020 SP Release February 2020

Note: Since optimizations have been made in the meantime, we recommend that you install the current version (Service pack / Hotfix).

Additional documents for download

The news article contains additional information and frequently asked questions about QR invoices.

Frequently asked questions

When processing a QR invoice, the QR IBAN is recognized but the corresponding bank is not found.

Please note that the bank base, which is provided by Six, must be updated.

  • Use Bank Base(Text) (ZIP) for the import in program 413 "Bank Base".

The reference number is not recognized. What is the reason for this?

First, determine what type of QR invoice is involved.

There are 3 different types of QR invoices:

  • With QR IBAN: Replaces the "orange payment slip" and must always have a 27-digit reference number
  • Normal IBAN: Replaces the "red payment slips". This can be a number starting with "RF"...
  • ...or have no reference number

It is therefore also possible that the supplier has not introduced the QR invoices as a replacement for the orange payment slip, but also uses them for normal IBANs. This means that the QR invoice does not always have to contain a reference number.

If a reference number is printed next to the QR code, you can basically assume that this number is also contained in the SwissPayment QR code itself and therefore should be recognized by Abacus and filled in the corresponding field. If the reference number is still not recognized, it must be determined if it is a valid SwissPayment QR Code.

How do I recognize a valid SwissPayment QR Code?

To check whether it is a valid SwissPayment QR Code, Abacus independent platforms such as or can be used.

Starting with Version 2020, the Abacus AbaScan Inbox shows in the overview of the PDFs to be processed what has been recognized. If [QR-R] is displayed, the SwissPayment QR-Code has been recognized.

If not all required values are transferred from the document then, a dialog can be opened in the AbaScan Inbox by clicking the "About this document" info icon. Here you can see under "XMP" what was read from the QR Code. Alternatively the QR Code can be read with a smartphone and the data of the code can be viewed. If the expected content for the transfer (e.g. reference number or amount) is missing in the QR Code, this may be the reason that the data could not be transferred completely.

In such cases, please inform your supplier so that a complete QR invoice is sent for future invoices.

If the QR code is valid and fully recognized with all data and still leads to adverse effects in the accounts payable, please contact your sales partner.

Which document readers / QR Code readers are supported by Abacus?

In the "QR Invoice Guide" on the last page you can see the current status of the document readers tested by Abacus.

If there are problems with a reader, you should first check if the data of a QR Invoice can be interpreted correctly by the reader in a common text editor. If this does not work, please contact the corresponding device manufacturer.

The supplier is not found, although he/she exists in the master data and the new payment method "QR IBAN" is also saved. What now?

In order for the supplier to be found from the master data, at least the name* and the postal code of the supplier must match the data stored in the system. Starting with Version 2019, there is an address update dialog that allows the information from the QR invoice to be transferred to the system. In Version 2018, this adjustment must be made manually in the master data.

*Upper and lower case letters in the name as well as "ä" or "ae" are excluded from the name matching check with the latest versions (Hotfixes / Service packs from September 2020).